Workers Comp

Advance Urgent Care balance both patient care and employer expectations to create a proactive return-to-work plan, getting your injured employees back to work as soon as possible. Not only do we excel in treating your employees’ injuries, but we also provide care coordination and referral to specialists, if needed. Our providers focus returning healthy employees back to work, while helping you to be compliant and reduce your overall healthcare costs.

Advance Urgent Care provides medical treatment for all non-emergency work related injuries. These include:

Why choose Advance Urgent Care for your work related injury?

When your employees experience an on-the-job injury, let us help you by providing care that is safe, comprehensive and fast. We will quickly see and treat the problem. We are well equipped to conveniently take care of your workplace injuries. Our service does not stop with treatment of injury. Advance Urgent Care places strong emphasis on communication with your company, and will develop a treatment plan based on employee ability and the functional requirements of the workplace. It is our mission to get your employee back to work as soon as it is feasibly possible.

In addition to providing treatment for work related injuries, Advance Urgent Care also providers several other medical services to employers as Occupational Medicine. This means that employers can use Advance Urgent Care as “your best choice” for all their medical needs.